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Finn Dollimore

Finn Dollimore

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Agent portfolio pages

Give agents a special place on your website

The sales team is the lifeblood of any property agency. Because agents are so crucial to running your business, they deserve a special place on your website. 

In this article, I will show you how every one of your agents can have a beautiful portfolio helping them:

  • Generate leads
  • Make a human impact with online users
  • Showcase their property sales portfolio
  • Build trust
  • Tell their story

Welcome to the ultimate real estate agent portfolio.

Agent SEO

One of the first benefits of having agent portfolios is SEO. We can help our agents rank for their own name on Google, but we can also add keywords like "real estate agent in (location)". This allows you to start building strong SEO in your area and promote your agents on Google.

Each agent becomes an attractor to your website, bringing in qualified leads. The more agents, the more opportunities to attract buyers and sellers in your area.

Page structure and content 

Hero section:

We want to start with a nice portrait of your agent, their name, job title and brief introduction. We also recommend adding a clickable video introduction where the user can ‘meet’ the agent. More on this soon…

Agent properties:

Here the agent’s property portfolio will display. The user can see what properties the agent has successfully sold as well as their current properties for sale.

This helps your agents build trust with your leads looking to sell property.


Here we have a section detailing our agents experience, background, soft skills and personal information. We’re going to add a second portrait photo of our agent, this time they can be working, talking or looking away from the camera.

Testimonial section

Agents can collect testimonials and upload them to Webflow CMS. Each new testimonial is an extra layer of trust in your agent's service. Once added to the CMS, the testimonials automatically appear on the agent's portfolio page.

Appraisal offer

Adding an appraisal offer section is another great way to empower your agents. Now leads can directly request an appraisal from a specific agent. The best way to set this up is with a multi-step appraisal form.

When the form is complete, a Zapier automation forwards the form submission to the correct agent.

Contact section

Feel free to add a contact section above the footer. Just like the appraisal form, this contact form can be forwarded to the corresponding agent via a Zapier automation.

Video welcomes

Although websites are powerful tools, they lack the personal experience of meeting an agent in person. This is why we recommend implementing video welcomes. 

Each agent has their own charisma and personality, and this often plays an important role in their sales process. The video introduction allows your agent to record a video and personally greet website visitors - making a human connection with them.

Video popup with Wistia

This is a simple and effective way to greet your site visitors. You can upload a video to Wistia and using the Webflow embed feature, create a popup. When the user clicks on a button, the video pop-up appears. Luckily, we have already done this for you.

Click here to clone our free video portfolio pop-up for Webflow.


Videoask is a service that allows you to build video-funnels and conversational pathways. For example, the first video in a videoask sequence can be a welcome video. Then a multiple choice question can be displayed after the video, leading to other video pathways based on the user’s response.

This is powerful, it allows you to ask the user what service they are looking for, then follow up with specific video with information about that service. You can also add a calendly link to the end of the video, allowing users to directly book a call with your agent.

Here’s an example:

Video #1: Welcome & introduction

Agent gives a warm welcome and charms the site visitor. Then asks the question: What service are you looking for:


  • Selling my house
  • Buying a property
  • Getting an appraisal
  • Property management

Video #2: Specific service information & CTA

Agent gives an explanation of their expertise with that service, showing how they can help the client reach their goals. The agent encourages the user to book a call with them via calendly. Then a link to their calendly appears. 


A text field called ‘video pop-up’ can be added to your agent's CMS. The Wistia or Videoask embed code for each agent can be pasted here. The developer of your website will create the video pop-up front end and use the dynamic text for the embed video link.

Invest in your team, with agent portfolios

In this article we saw how forward thinking real estate companies can empower their agents with portfolio pages. Portfolio pages are also an opportunity to promote local SEO.

We looked at video, and learned how using video is a great way to stand out as a leading real estate agency. It is especially relevant for agents and salespeople, helping them make a human impact in a digital world.

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