How to embed Videoask on your Webflow website

By Finn Dollimore

Let’s look at how to integrate Videoask on your Webflow website.

Videoask helps you engage prospects with a more personal, human experience on your website - using video. You can power up your website with a range of helpful ‘video funnels’, and Videoask is an excellent marketing tool.

You can make video funnels to:

  • Qualify your leads
  • Get the right information to the right prospects
  • Gather written and video testimonials
  • Get feedback
  • Educate and teach
  • Boost your lead generation

It’s all about using video to engage better with your prospects and customers. With video funnels, there’s plenty of opportunities to boost your leads, customers and MRR. In the future they will become much more common on websites, so by reading this you’re ahead of the pack! In a future blog post I’m going to show you how to use the video funnels to power up your marketing website.

But first, let’s learn how to put a simple Videoask on the homepage of our Webflow website!

Step 1: Build your video sequence

The free Videoask plan allows you to build a three step video sequence with integrations like calendly, logic and multi choice questions - and many more! You also get 20 minutes of video play time your site visitors can use. That’s enough to get started!

How I put my Videoask ‘welcome funnel’ on my Webflow website.

To illustrate this, I’m using my own website. Here on my portfolio I wanted a video funnel to:

  • Warmly greet site visitors
  • Segment my site visitors
  • Deliver a specific message to each client segment
  • Invite the visitor to get on a call with me

Of course you can do this with regular content and images, but why not deliver a more personalised, human experience with video? Enter Videoask.

I planned three short videos for my video funnel. The first; a warm welcome video, ending with me asking if the visitor was looking for web design or Webflow development. 

At the end of the video, the viewer is asked if they are looking for development, or design. If the visitor clicks on ‘development’, they would get a video about my development service. If they chose design they would get a specific message about the value of my design service. At the end of the design / development videos, the lead can request a video call with me via Calendly.

With the plan prepared, let’s build this video funnel!

Once you have your videos filmed, you need to navigate to your Videoask dashboard and click ‘+ New Videoask’ button. Name your videofunnel, and click on ‘build’ to start building the workflow.

Your dashboard

For each video in your sequence, you need to set the question / option the viewer receives after watching the video. In my first video I ask the viewer if they’re looking for design or Webflow development services. I uploaded the first video and chose the multi choice option. I added a development button and a design button.

The multiple choice option
Displays like this
The videoflow

Videoask automatically creates a pathway for each option in the multi choice. I then uploaded my development and design videos to the two pathways, selecting ‘calendar’ as the answer type. This allows the lead to book a video call right upon seeing your video.

The calendar option

Paste your Calendly link into the appointment scheduling field and your leads can quickly book a meeting with you.

Calendar makes it really easy for your prospects to reach out

Click the settings cog on the bottom left of the page. To customise the colour of your buttons. With paid plans, you can remove the Videoask branding from your videos.

Now your video funnel is set up. All we need to do is choose how it will display on our Webflow website and add a snippet of custom code into Webflow’s page settings. Navigate to the ‘Share and Imbed’ button (next to the build button) to choose how you want to display your videos. 

Videoask gives us the option to display as a widget bubble on the side of the screen, which users can click if they want to ‘chat to me’. I really liked this option because it leaves viewers the option to engage with our video funnel, but only if they choose to.

Click the ‘Widget’ tab. You can select the style of the widget and even change its colour and where it will appear. Click ‘get the code’ and paste it into the head tag of your Webflow page custom code settings. 

That’s how to embed a simple Videoask funnel on your website.

Thanks to this integration, I am now giving my site visitors a more personal experience, delivering them targeted messaging, and making it really easy for them to book a call with me.

More leads? Yes please!

This was all done on Videoask’s free plan, which is totally awesome.

Stay tuned for more articles about using video funnels and integrations like Videoask to power up your website and increase your conversion rate.

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