Webflow, a power platform for real estate websites

Here are the top reasons you should use Webflow for your real estate website.

Finn Dollimore

Finn Dollimore

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Webflow for real estate agencies

Webflow is the modern way to run your website

Webflow is the top platform for custom, unique real estate websites. There are many reasons why different agencies are switching to Webflow, in this article I'm focusing on the benefits for real estate agencies.

Throughout the article, you'll see how Green Havens; a forward-thinking real estate agency uses Webflow to run a powerful marketing website.

Have any design you want

Let's face it; most real estate websites look the same.

But for foward-thinking real estate agencies, this is an opportunity to stand out from the competition.

A big way we help property companies is by delivering unique websites that turn them into outstanding agencies. A unique custom website is a great way to grab your user's attention, and Webflow allows you to turn custom designs into real websites. This includes animations and complex layouts.

For example; Kelly from Green Havens wanted a unique, custom header section for her agency. We came up with this infinitely rotating properties section:

Click here to see this live

This involved building the custom layout and connecting it to Green Haven's database of property listings. Then an animation was built to make the properties move.

With Webflow, you can have creative, fun layouts that enhance your branding.

CMS - Powerful databases your team can manage

Behind the beautiful, custom front end of Webflow, lies the powerful Webflow CMS. The CMS contains your website’s databases, and it's the key to scaling and growing your website.

Your agency will be able to manage and run these databases after a 30 min training session. Here are some amazing ways real estate agencies can use Webflow CMS.

CMS use cases for real estate

Beautiful listing pages

Agent portfolio pages

SEO optimized property blog

Once your Webflow developer has built the CMS and connected it to the font end (the webpage), you are ready to self manage. Simply upload data via the Webflow Editor, this requires no training, and a page will be automatically generated for new agents, listing or blog posts.

You can build hundreds of pages on your website without neeeding to hire a developer. This saves your agency thousands of dollars and allows you to make changes instantly.

How Green Havens use Webflow CMS

Let’s take a look at an example of a forward thinking agency; Green Havens using the Webflow CMS.

On their site Green Havens wanted:

  • Property listings
  • Agent portfolios
  • A modern blog

After taking care of design, CMS setup and development, we notified Green Havens that the website was ready to go.

Adding a new team member

James, a new agent, joins the team at Green Havens. Kelly opens the Webflow Editor and asks James to enter his details. His data is uploaded and the website is published. James now appears on the team page and also has his own portfolio page.

A property is sold

One of Green Haven's listings gets sold. The ‘Sold’ button is switched on that listing in the listings CMS. This property is instantly removed from the listings page, and moved to the agent's portfolio 'sold' section.

New blog post

When the marketing manager approves a new blog post, the writer simply uploads the content into the blog CMS. Now the new post appears live on the site.

Control which listings are featured:

Kelly wants to control which properties appear in the rotating header. We set up a ‘featured’ filter using a switch field in the CMS. Now Kelly can toggle on and off which properties are in the rotating header. Maybe she wants to showcase their top listings and wants some properties to sell faster. Now Green Havens can control which listings get the most visibility:

All these updates can be managed by the Green Haven’s team. It only takes a matter of seconds or minutes, with no developer required!

Edit page content in one click

Webflow’s Editor is a lightning fast way to update static content on your webpages. Simply browse your website in Editor mode and click on headings, images and buttons to edit them directly on the page. This makes fixing spelling mistakes, updating sales pages and enhancing offers - super fast.


If you’re a larger property agency, you will probably be using a central database of your properties. In this case, the best option is to build an API; a bridge between your property listings database and Webflow’s CMS. 

This allows all new properties to be fed from your local database into the Webflow CMS automatically. Those properties automatically assigned to your sales team, so the right agents display on the property listing page.

It's like magic

This API setup allows you to automate as much work as possible, and have your Webflow website update automatically. 

Webflow; the platform for foward thinking real estate agencies

For real estate agencies, Webflow represents innovation. It's not just a platform for custom designs, but enhances how real estate companies can leverage their websites for growth.

Especially if you’re looking to build a custom real estate website, look no further than Webflow. Your design can be beautifully unique, the Webflow CMS & Editor will help you scale and self manage. Webflow also allows you to control which listings get the most visibility or appear first, adding a whole new layer of strategy to your website.

If you have questions about how Webflow can turn your real estate website into a complete marketing platform, feel free to contact me at any time. I'd be happy to consult you about whether Webflow is a good fit for your agency.

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