Sep 6th, 2022

Epic Sourcing
Website Development

Finn Dollimore
Prepared for:
Dominic Mauger


Hello Dominic,

It was great meeting you and learning about Epic Sourcing's goals and challenges. From what I can see, Epic Sourcing is a great company with a high standard of service. On this proposed project, my core goal is to:

Deliver a website to inspire your customers and current clients, helping you generate more leads. The website will also impress the Epic Sourcing executive team, key stakeholders and investors.

This proposal outlines how I will approach this project and how long it will take. I have also outlined three pricing options for the different packages I can provide for this website project.

The options have different levels of scope, which gives you the flexibility to pick an option that best fits your budget.

Finally, this proposal should give you an overview of my capabilities and experience in the design, Webflow and web development space. I've added a few portfolio projects that show how I've helped companies achieve similar goals and overcome challenges just like yours. 

I’m looking forward to reviewing this proposal with you in detail, but please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.


Situation Appraisal


Epic Sourcing needs to refresh their website for a clean, modern look. The current website is broken in places, looks clunky and clients are starting to ask questions. A few problems I have noticed:

  • Design is outdated
  • Images and icons need an upgrade
  • Missing nav bar on certain pages
  • Content structure / layout is breaking
  • Some diagrams have very small text (hard to read)

Based on the front end view, I believe your Webflow development is lacking a style guide. A clean CSS style guide is crucial to scale your website without it breaking.

Impacts on your business

These factors lead to a 'bad user experience'.

First and foremost; a broken website undermines trust from potential prospects and current clients. It distracts prospects from focusing on the value of your service. In many cases it also frustrates / angers the site visitor.

Not to worry! I help my clients fix these problems all the time. On the bright side, we have a big opportunity to upgrade your website into something amazing.

Current website screenshots

Project goals

On this project, I would design and develop a fresh modern website so you can build trust with your clients, attract more clients, and scale your online presence. I would be delivering:

  • A modern, clean design
  • Consistent use of high quality images and icons
  • Scalable development
  • SEO best practices followed
  • Clear, consistent brand guidelines
  • Training to help your team self-manage
  • A drag and drop component library

Benefits for Epic Sourcing

By upgrading your website design, you deliver a better user experience. This helps your site visitors trust your services and inspires them to engage with your business.

In terms of development, a solid foundation of clean Webflow development stops the website from breaking. It also allows your company to self manage and build your own pages. Clean development is the essential foundation that holds up your website.

With both of these bases covered I believe Epic Sourcing can see a lot of growth in:

  • Attracting more clients
  • Closing higher ticket clients
  • Building your online brand
  • Gaining trust with prospects & stakeholders

My vision for Epic Sourcing

Why me?

As a UX designer specialising in agency growth, I'm well equipped to help you achieve your goals. Like most agencies you're probably looking to:

  • Sell more services
  • Get bigger clients
  • Charge higher prices
  • Attract high performing team members
  • Build your brand

As a web designer and service provider myself, I understand what it takes to deliver on these goals and grow your business.

As a freelancer, I am agile and able to give my clients my full attention and top notch communication. I oversee the full project from start to finish, allowing me to complete projects faster than an agency would.

“Working with Finn for design and development on our Webflow website has been an excellent experience.  He's found and implemented solutions for all of our website issues and needs.”

Paul Sharpe
Partner - Avalon Accounting

“Was a pleasure working with you and your professionalism and speedy execution is much appreciated. We love our new website and have already received a lot of positive feedback from customers and partners.”

Thomas Nann
CEO - Allegro Energy

“Finn has been a great help for our ongoing Webflow projects. He has supported us in developing our website as we have expanded as a company, adding vital skills and experience where we have knowledge gaps.

Finn helped identify these knowledge gaps and has helped upskill the team to allow us to be self sufficient.”

Chris Poole
Global Head of Marketing - APLYiD

"Finn was great to work with, incredibly competent, and quickly understood our goals and brand. We were lucky to work with him, and hope to do so again on future projects!"

Brad Van Vugt
Battlesnake marketing team

My web development process (6 - 8 weeks)

1. Strategy

( 1 week)

To kick things off, we'll get together for an in depth strategy meeting about your goals.

I will then prepare an outline of the strategy we will employ to make the project successful.

2. Mood boards

( 1 week)

Based on my understanding of your situation and goals. I will look for inspiration from others who are where you want to be.

The outcome will be a series of mood boards that represent our goals for the website design.

3. Wireframes

( 1 -2 weeks )

After receiving your website content. I will prepare the site structure and information architecture.

This starts with a sitemap, then I move into creating wireframes.

4. Visual design

(3 weeks)

Using our wireframes and moodboards, I will design the high-fidelity pages of your new website.

- 3 rounds of revision are included during this stage

5. Webflow development

(2 weeks)

The next phase of the project involved bringing your website design live, onto the web. For this I use Webflow, a modern development platform with a CMS that you can easily manage.

A few portfolio projects

Project pricing

Option #1

Redesign of the following pages

Home, About, pricing, success stories, contact, Epic suite, Product wizard, Prospecting programme, Reverse Sourcing, supplier verification, blog hub page, blog post page.

Development of the following pages in Webflow

Home, About, pricing, success stories, contact, Epic suite, Product wizard, Prospecting programme, Reverse Sourcing, supplier verification, blog hub page, blog post page.

CMS development

Blog posts, Success stories and Team members.

Webflow style guide

I will develop your own style guide with scalable CSS class naming.

Price: $9,800 NZD

Option #2

Everything in option #1 plus:

Webflow support & maintenance

For one month, I will personally make changes and updates to your website. I’ll also be on call for any queries about Webflow.

Webflow coaching - x2 sessions

I personally coach someone from your team about how to use Webflow for two 30 minute sessions. I’ll show them how to manage the website going forwards.

Price: $12,250 NZD

Option #3

Everything in options #1 & #2 plus:

Drag and drop Webflow component library

Finn will build your own personal website component library based on your unique website. This allows you to build custom landing pages quickly and easily by yourselves.

Webflow coaching - x2 sessions

I personally coach someone from your team about how to use Webflow and the component library. Valid for two 1-hour sessions. Showing them how to manage the website and build new pages going forwards.

Price: $14,250 NZD

Terms & Conditions

1. Payment structure: 50% upfront and 50% after the website is fully developed. Payment methods: Bank transfer to Finn’s bank account. If you are not based in New Zealand, Finn has international accounts for Euros, USD AUD and CAD.

2. If the client wishes to add scope to the project, Finn will quote these add-ons and factor them into the final payment. This includes extra pages, more rounds of revision, design changes during development.

3. Assets, such as paid fonts, paid stock photos, third-party tools, are not included in the price. If such expenses arise, it will be discussed with the client before making any purchases.

4. If the freelancer cancels the project after it has started, the client will pay only for the produced work it intends to use.If the client cancels the project after it has started, the client will pay for the time the freelancer has worked on the project. Even if the client does not intend to use the produced work.

5. Until the final payment is received, Finn Dollimore owns all produced work. Finn’s work and all intellectual property rights associated will be given to the client after full payment has been received.

Thank you for your time!

What now?

If you're ready to move forwards, send me an email telling me which option best fits your company. I will get back to you with a signable proposal.

If you have any questions about the proposal feel free to email me about that too.

Thanks again!