Redesigning Styx's Digital Presence with Webflow

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Finn Dollimore

Webflow Expert | Designer
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STYX: Client Overview

Styx, an esteemed investment firm headquartered in Germany, focuses on investments in real estate and PropTech startups. With a vision for modernization and enhanced digital engagement, Styx sought to revamp its online platform to reflect its innovative approach and streamline content management processes.

The STYX team

Challenges for STYX

  • Outdated Website: The existing website was outdated, hindering the user experience and brand perception.
  • Limited Content Control: Styx encountered difficulties in updating and scaling their website content efficiently, relying on external assistance for even minor changes.
  • Integration Needs: The client expressed a desire to seamlessly integrate dynamic content elements and social media platforms, particularly LinkedIn, to expand their online reach and engagement.
Before the migration

Redesign & Webflow Migration Overview

UX Design

Collaborating closely with the Styx team, we devised a comprehensive redesign strategy aimed at revitalizing the website's aesthetic appeal, functionality, and user experience. Through iterative design iterations, we ensured alignment with Styx's brand identity and market positioning.

Enhanced User Experience

By implementing intuitive navigation structures and responsive design elements, we optimized the user experience across various devices, ensuring seamless accessibility and engagement for visitors navigating the website.

Social Media Integration

Social media we facilitated seamless integration with LinkedIn, enabling Styx to showcase dynamic content and foster community engagement directly from their website.

Webflow Migration and CMS Integration

Leveraging the robust capabilities of Webflow, we orchestrated a seamless migration process, transitioning Styx's website to the Webflow platform. The integration of Webflow CMS empowered the client with unprecedented control over content creation, management, and updates, eliminating dependencies on external resources.

Modern Homepage Design

A visually captivating homepage featuring clear messaging and intuitive navigation pathways.

The home hero after migration

Dynamic Portfolio Slider

Streamlined portfolio management through Webflow CMS, enabling effortless addition and showcasing of new portfolio companies.

CMS portfolio slider

Portfolio Page

Streamlined portfolio management through Webflow CMS, enabling effortless addition and showcasing of new portfolio companies.

The portfolio page

Team Showcase

A personalized team section reflecting Styx's corporate culture and team dynamics.

CMS powered slider

Engaging Blog Layout

Interactive blog interface with embedded CTAs and social proof elements for enhanced reader engagement.

Blog header
Blog body with sticky CTA

LinkedIn Integration

Seamless integration with LinkedIn to amplify content visibility and cross-platform engagement.

Linkedin posts

Results and Impact

Empowered Content Management: With Webflow CMS, Styx gained autonomy over website content, enabling swift updates and scalability in alignment with business objectives.

Enhanced User Engagement: The revamped website witnessed increased user engagement metrics, reflecting improved navigation, accessibility, and content relevance.

Expanded Digital Reach: Integration with LinkedIn facilitated cross-platform engagement, amplifying brand visibility and fostering community interaction.


The successful redesign and Webflow migration project transformed Styx's digital presence, positioning the firm as a dynamic and innovative player in the investment landscape. By leveraging Webflow's robust capabilities and strategic design interventions, we empowered Styx to redefine its online identity, engage audiences effectively, and drive sustained growth in the digital era.